This patient has been transplanted for 6 years now. Hypertensive with good control on amlodpine 5 mg and has good graft function.

1- What is the sign shown above

2- What are the possible causes

3- What is your plan for management





Picture: 1 Picture: 2

Kidney transplanted patients 10 years , stable graft function in picture 1

1- What is your diagnosis

2- What are the options for treatment

3- What virus is associated with this condition

4- What is shown in picture 2

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Kidney transplanted patient lost from follow up for one year

1- What is shown above

2- What is the cause

3- What is your plan of management

4- What message you take home from this patient

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  Fig:2   Fig:3

Figure 1: Hyaline material in a large follicle (Yellow arrow). The white arrow points at blood vessels in the follicle and inter-follicular zone (White arrow)

Figure 2: A small vessel feeding into a follicle containing hyaline material (White arrow)

Figure 3: Abnormal germinal centers with marked vascular proliferation and hyalinization.The follicle is surrounded by a broad mantle zone consisting of a concentric layering of lymphocytes resulting in an onion-skin appearance.

CKD patient underwent kidney transplantation, during surgery a lympn node was excised and sent for histopathology and the sections are shown above.

1- What is your diagnosis

2- What are the types of this disease

3- What are the complications of the disease

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Kidney transplanted patient with weight loss and abdominal pain underwent a capsule endoscopic study

1- What is your diagnosis

2- What is your approach to treatment

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1- Name the different parts in the blocks above

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