This listing is for organizing the roles within the Sudanese Nephrology Society.


In this list, and unless the context refers to other meanings, each word and phrase has its definition written in front of it as follows:

  • The Society :
    This refers to the Sudanese Nephrology Society
  • The Office:
    This refers to the executive office of the Sudanese Nephrology Society
  • The Member:
    This refers to the joining member with rights enlisted as part of their membership
  • The Constitution:
    This refers to the constitution of the Sudanese Doctors Union that was amended in the year 1972
  • Publication:
    This refers to the periodical Scientific Medical Publication
  • Journal:
    This refers to the publications of the Scientific Medical Journal


  • The academic and scientific objectives relating to the kidney diseases and transplants as enlisted in Section 2 of the Sudanese Medical Union Constitution
  • Developing Nephrology in Sudan.
  • Strengthening the connection between similar societies locally, nationally and internationally


  • Working towards achieving the Academic and Scientific goals listed above
  • To organize Scientific Conferences and Workshops to promote the Nephrology practice
  • To conduct workshops to discuss scientific topics relating to Kidney Disease
  • Coordination with other specialized societies both locally and internationally through making lectures and seminars
  • Setting social and cultural programs to strengthen the relationship between the members of the society
  • Organization of educational programs to participate in conferences both nationally and internationally for the diseases of the Kidney and Kidney transplant and the staff helping with the treatment of Kidney Disease
  • Supply the equipment and appropriate technology for the scientific lectures
  • Appointing a prize for the best Academic work during the general conference
  • Appointing Certificates for the participants who took part in the success of the yearly scientific conference and the various activities within the society
  • The society works on issuing periodic Scientific Journals to highlight the researches and new scientific developments in Nephrology.
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