Chronic kidney disease patient on HD

1- What is shown above

2- What measure to prevent this condition

3- What risks associated with this condition

4- What are the targets for PTH in CKD according to stage


CKD patient stage 5

1- What is shown above

2- Whar are the risks for that

3- What are the preventive measures


1- Compare between RIFLE and AKIN criteria for diagnosis and classification of AKI

2- What are the indications for dialysis in AKI

3- How would you prevent AKI post contrast studies in patients at risk for AKI


This patient was discovered to have high BP and S.Cr 1.7 mg/dl

1- What is your diagnosis

2- What are the traditional risk factors for CVD in CKD

3- What are the non traditional risk factors for CVD in CKD


Anemia management

1- Define anemia in CKD

2- What are the gains in managing anaemia in CKD

3- How would you assess Iron store in the body

4- What is Iron inflammatory block

5- What are the targets in anemia management

6- Who are the candidate to treat for anemia

7- Why we should avoid blood transfusion

8- What is peginesatide

9- What are the non iron adjuvant therapies and their significance

10- What are the following trials say in anemia treatment

  • Normal Hct trial
  • CHOIR trial
  • CREATE trial
  • TREAT trial

11- What are the complication of ESAs

12- How common is anemia post transplantation

13- What are the risks for post-transplant anemia

14- What is biosimilars, their risks and precautions

15- What are the new KDIGO guidelines for anemia

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A 56 year old man with ESRD due to diabetes, 2 years status post living related renal transplant presents with an increase in serum creatinine from baseline of 1.4 mg/dL to 3.6 mg/dL. Medications include FK506 and MMF. A biopsy is performed. What is the cause of the patient’s AKI?

a) Grade 2 acute cellular rejection
b) Vascular toxicity from chronic calcineurin inhibitors
c) Cholesterol embolization
d) Thrombotic microangiopathy

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60 years old man with S.Na 105 mg/dl and is confused

1- How would you manage his hyponatraemia

2- What are the precautions

3- What fluids would you use

4- How much tyime would you need to correct the Na

5- What are the possible causes

Click here for hyponatraemia diagnosis and management guidelines

Click here for a power point presentation on Hyponatraemia



40 years old female presented with loin pains anr recurrent UTI

1- What is you diagnosis

2- What is shown above

3- What is your approach to investigations and treatment

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